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Hida Master Kobe Beef - the special product from Gifu for the all world

Peaceful environment.

We have a lot of natural treasure. We have all of the nature, beautiful mountains, beautiful water, and beautiful air, except ocean. The cows grow up in this rich environment.
They have beautiful water from the beautiful mountain, the farmers love them very much. The farmers take care of their cows very carefully with their big love.
They take care of their nutrition balance and temperature balance strictly.

Melty deliciously,

You must be doubt 'what is this!' It is like a not Beef meat because its taste is much different from the general Beef meat. 'Hida Master Kobe Beef' must be the 'Kuroge Wagyu Beef' and grown in Gifu prefecture for more than 14 month and the grade must be more than A3. (A3,A4,A5)

Its meat is peculiarity smooth skin and good condition fat. You can taste its soft and juicy, but fresh once in you have it. We promise you that you cannot forget if you have it once.


Melty taste with any menu.


54037227.JPGShabu Shabu, Sukiyaki
54037250.JPGWe recommend the 'roast' shabu shabu. (Rare cooking)
5A206707.jpgYou can taste Hida Master Kobe Beef in Hida area. Welcome to Hida area Spa Onsen!!

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